Diamonds. They are precious. They are beautiful. They are expensive. They are a mystique hard to get gemstones.


I once read that there are men, regardless of their bravery, strong fists, even they are beasts, can sometimes sweep a woman off her feet. But diamonds? They can take a woman’s breath away always, not sometimes.

It’s never our first time to hear a story about NBSB, No Boyfriend Since Birth. My best friend Len is a victim of grace. Modern people may call it conservative, old-fashioned, traditional or whatnot. But the truth is, it’s about the saving of the grace that leads her there. Saved from a trial-and-error kind of relationship. Saved from pouring prized time and sincere emotions to the wrong ones.

From where I stand, I find it mesmerizing to see another woman whose soul is completely spotless, blameless and new. Like a hidden diamond that cannot be made, rare and unique, classy that’s hardly realized by a normal human eye, a hidden treasure that is, by a hair’s breadth to be pursued of.

Daughters of the Highest King are like diamonds, inherited the unique characteristics falling heir of brilliance, a perfect cut, color, and a carat.

A woman’s brilliance is seen through the radiance of her face. You just cannot tell the light that shines reflecting from the inside out. If the truth be told, her light comes from Jesus whose brightness is unfading, everlasting.

She doesn’t put her value in her body shape because she is perfectly polished and cut like a masterpiece by a Perfect Cutter who makes no single mistake.

Her innocence echoes in a diamond’s white color that is as pure as the driven snow, stainless, unblemished.

Her strength is a picture of diamond’s carat and weight which any life’s storm can make her bend but not destroyed. She brings to her knees every weakness; she’s to live victorious not defeated, the strength within her is a mirror of Christ living in her – a warrior princess.

This ought to be a Christian woman’s pursuit of lifestyle, living at will and not making scores, no wrestling just resting, no struggling just right believing.

1 Timothy 4:12 says, “Let no one despise for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.

But women who have done mistakes in the past, it’s not the end of the road yet. You are much more precious than these earthly diamonds. You are highly redeemed! By the prized blood of Jesus, you’ve been cleansed, washed, purified, made whole and reserved for one’s promised. It’s not the mistake of the past that makes you who you are, the finished work of Jesus at the cross is.

Jesus does not want your perfection. He wants your heart.

Which means to say, your modesty can also be the attitude of your heart that seeks to glorify Him in everything. To share your story and uplift other women who have had false steps from the past, to die to your old self, fade to your own needs and to speak Christ’s language of love.

Mostly, you have no desire to flaunt sensuality as your adornment to turn men’s heads towards you. You are daughters of the King who flourish your individuality to turn men’s hearts to Him through your lives, your changes, your newness.

Yes, there is no woman I know who is not fancying a day would happen that she gets to own a ring. This ring is not just a ring. A ring that would tell the world about this woman. As she is chosen. She is truly loved. She has been set apart from the rest. She is the one. She is kept not for any other men but named by a man to spend life with ever and a day. WOMAN, YOU’RE A MYSTIQUE HARD TO GET GEMSTONE. Wait for this day as God promised a man His best. Until then, you have remained in readiness of purpose for the most beautiful love story that is beyond what you hoped for.

Dear single women, let Jesus be our ring. A Ring to tell the world about who we are. Chosen. Set apart. Reserved. Kept.



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Daughter of the Star-Breather.

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