Lies and Deceptions of my Mom

“Everyone lies, everyone hides things.” – Orihara Izaya

You see those striking pictures of models smiling stunningly almost seem like everything is flawlessly perfect? It’s pretty sure that there’s a pint-sized uncertainty behind those smiles. By the same mark, stuck between my Mom’s chuckles and beams buried deceptions and lies that you’ll only realize when you are grown up.

“I’m okay”

My mom was a midwife turned farmer. Since she spends a massive stretch of strength gardening, it is inevitable to feel the pains physically. But during midnight, her groans of uneasiness wake me in a deep sleep. While she knowingly kept the secret of pains from me, so was I kept the secret of knowing those pains from her.

“I’m not hungry. I’m not thirsty”

Fenced by the hunger and desire to taste that last slice of a pie, she held fast to always say she hates the taste of it. Hedged by the thirsts, she laid down an own craving but I saw quite a lot of swallowing from her.

“I don’t want a new clothe”

She has been telling how she loves that old cloth she was wearing but when we passed by the store, I saw how she lovingly stared the display.

If somebody is to ask me define sacrifice, my thought would always be speaking for my mom. All through and forever, I will keep on writing how my mom braved countless sprints in life so we could keep going and survive. Infinitely will I take full pride and serenity how she outlines life by her respected lessons and venerated experiences as a sign for me to learn from her many mistakes and carry much more of her victories. Her forte of a conqueror, the character of womanhood and the strength triggered what’s an attitude towards a difficult life should be. At all times, the becoming of a daughter is through her mother.

The only truth about my mom: she is a woman who can’t be moved by life’s difficulties. She’s an unwavering pillar of strength.

So, every year I get a little nostalgic about my mom reminding me most of her indescribable love and the whole heap more. Once again, as the world pushes the boat out of Mother’s Day I feel like clenching fist of sadness as I equally despise the distance. Seems like the strength of my heart’s longing to show my love weakens me inside.

Mom, right at this moment, togetherness I desire. However, I also praise God for filling our longings with God’s presence. Thanks for the endless love. I pray that you keep seeking Jesus because Jesus is all we’ve got. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you!


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