Dear Future Husband

I hope you know that I am not waiting for your perfection. I hope you know that you don’t need to be an offspring of the star, a son of the sun and a moon’s huntsman. I want you to know that I don’t need a big house, a car and fancy gifts. And I want you to know that I love every vein of your heart not the coins of your hand.

I hope you read this one time and realize that my words were for you from the beginning and will be yours ’til the end. I know that this is nothing fancy but I want you to know that I have always kept you in mind praying for you and unconditionally loving you even before I met you.

I want you to know that I have my countless flaws. I can get a little moody and impatient.  But I hope that God changes me, in time when we get to be meeting, He transformed me for you. I pray that through Jesus’ righteousness, against all odds and in between that I will go through, I’ve been held in reserve and kept pure for you.

I hope you get out from your layer and experience this gorgeous gift of life. As you take adventures, I hope to meet you somewhere along that path.  If not, you will find me and you will know me better, you will see me and we will be together forever. If that time comes, we will promise to love each other’s soul beyond edges. We will give thanks for the possibility of this: I could have ended with someone and you with another one. There could be no “we”, only you and her, me with him. But there, we will be striving to make our own names knowing not what our future holds. Nobody knows, but we just hoped still.

I hope you pray for me like I always do to you. But just as much as I want you to come find me, I pray that you find God first. I perhaps do not want to expect you perfectly being as wise as Solomon, as faithful as Joseph, as bold as Paul and as brave as Jonathan.

But I pray that you fall in love with Jesus and find your identity as a man in Him. I hope you understand that you are created in His likeness and you are left with His own reflection to love me and steer me with His lightness.

You, my future husband, your unconditional and limitless love will remind me of Christ just as He perfectly loves His bride.

I pray that we, our future marriage will have its purpose not to please our own flesh, never imitating the longings of this world, but just as I have known best, our story will be for God’s glory.  Not now. But sooner or later, we will be together – you and me and Christ as our center. I have words. You have a voice. We will make a song to sing His glory and that will be our beautiful journey.

BUT now, now I’m telling you, I will no longer wait on you. Yes, I will no longer wait on you. I will wait on God. You alone I do not want, but Him and you, that’s my sought after design.

“I can change you.” NO, I won’t! Let alone the washing of His word. I’ll just stay away, alone for a while, with my pen and write “If you love me, come find me in Him.”

Yes, if you want me, come find me in Him. I stand firm. I will linger to hide from your eyes. But if you find me, that’s when I met you on your finest. I have loved you passionately even before I met you and I will give my whole life to you just as Christ has given His for mine. The entire mission, the passion and the action He has in pile for both of us, which are what we’ll pursue.

But if you cannot see me, I promise myself not to despair if I will become a wife after a decade, next year or never. I will meet you or never, I have already been sweetly kissed by the breeze with bliss and prayer. You will love me or never, I have all together placed my soul to God in surrender.




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Daughter of the Star-Breather.

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