Dear Me: Free Yourself from Something Else

As you speak your mind, seek rather like speaking kind. When you fail anybody else, seems like you failed yourself. Don’t hear the gentle voice of lie inside you. Don’t.

They say you cannot beat the demons by beating up on yourself. They say demons die by love. They say fall more in love with something else and your demons die like nothing else. Listen.

You know better than anyone that you are not making yourself a favor when you are becoming your own worst critic. Your soul’s becoming disquiet accepting as true the lies of insecurity but had it best not to. It gets you nowhere. It is.

This life is a tricky road of trial. But no matter how hard the wind blows, be of tranquil. No matter how loud the raging sea roars, be serene. How harmonious you talk to your own heart in the midst of this storm is how you will talk to each one.

Wound no one whilst you are wounded.

Light the candles and let the candles sparkle.

This life is meant to be difficult. But you were never meant to carry the cross beyond your force.

This life is a blazing furnace of fire. At any cost, pick up the fire. By no means escape it.

See that in that suffering, you get freedom – freedom from relying not on your own. Because with Jesus’ all power, you get upheld all together. You’ve been blown down and getting backed up. Even if, don’t exalt yourself. Exalt Christ.

Admire happiness. Depend not on what happens to you but what happens in you.

May you feel rich in soul and be blessed beyond words.

Let you cheer with every individual who have inspired and eternally marked you. When all is said, they are your truthful wealth.

At last, be faithfully humble in Christ. Love Him with all your soul and get hold of His unending wisdom to live without limit, fearless to embrace difficulties, empowered to empower and further than motivated to motivate.

Be a woman of likable beauty through His infinite beauty.

Be wise in His eyes. The choice you’ll make is where you’ll be.

Increase from what makes you decrease. Go to where ever you’re sent. Respond to what you’re called to.

Adore life more so fall in love with it as you breathe. Live your own truth, come out of hiding, of escaping , of comparing.


This life is no longer just about you but now living the life of His own truth.

Yours with His love,




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Daughter of the Star-Breather.

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